Secretary by Deedee version
Secretary is an erotic adventure life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a...

deedee, adventure, bimbofication, corruption, humiliation, feminization, submission
18.06.2021 add version
Sneezy Welcome To Inventis version 0.35
The most innovative resort that helps its inhabitants to discover themselves using hypnotherapy. You seem to have lost your memories and now you have to recover them with...

sneezy, hypnosis, m threesome, sissy, feminization
Dscardedunion Sculptor version 0.13.0
You have been bullied for too long. At a low point, you find the opportunity to have control over your bully. They'd look very pretty if they were just a little more… feminine....

discardedunion, visual novel, feminization, simulator
Damien Fox - Becoming Her
Damien Fox - Becoming Her
Damien Fox - Becoming Her
18 mb 60 Pages
How far would one go to make the difficult times of a loved one's life better? Adam finds himself in his overwhelming sense of purpose and servitude, playing the role of his twin...

damien fox, big ass, breast expansion, crossdressing, feminization, lactation, shemale, sissification, transformation
SamCannis95 Kinky Life Game version 0.6.5
You and your guardian have moved to a secluded town and you are attending a new school. Everything appears idyllic and innocent until one looks behind the veil and dares to rebel...

samcannis95, 3dcg, real porn, male protagonist, feminization, femdom, sissification, humiliation