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Dimitrescu's Lewd Castle chapters1 4.53 by Zanesfm
09.12.2022 65

Dimitrescu's Lewd Castle chapters1 4.53 by Zanesfm

Dimitrescu's Lewd Castle chapters1 4.53 by Zanesfm

Mike Velesk Ludus Master version 0.8
09.12.2022 2

Mike Velesk Ludus Master version 0.8

Mike Velesk Ludus Master version 0.8

RanliLabz SpaceCorps XXX seaon 2 version 2.3.2
09.12.2022 1 059

RanliLabz SpaceCorps XXX seaon 2 version 2.3.2

RanliLabz SpaceCorps XXX seaon 2 version 2.3.2

NikociantGames Dominant Witches version 0.9
09.12.2022 162

NikociantGames Dominant Witches version 0.9

NikociantGames Dominant Witches version 0.9

Team Nimbus Cloud Meadow version
09.12.2022 1 441

Team Nimbus Cloud Meadow version

Team Nimbus Cloud Meadow version

Dimitrescu's Lewd Castle chapters1 4.53 by Zanesfm
Overview: Rejoice the story about many brave men attempting to take down on the most dangerous vampire inside their village. Will they be able to fulfill their sexual fantasies...

zanesfm, 3dcg, male protagonist, animated, horror, monster girl, female domination, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, superpowers, tit-fuck, paranormal, adve
09.12.2022 add chapters1 4.53
Mike Velesk Ludus Master version 0.8
Ludus Master is an adult, management style game, situated in an ancient Rome times. You play as a young guy who must return from military service after his father's death to take...

mike velesk, 3d game, historical, male protagonist, animated, milf, virgin, bdsm, corruption, cosplay, group sex, exhibitionism
RanliLabz SpaceCorps XXX seaon 2 version 2.3.2
You play as a naïve young farmhand from Ganymede, thrust into an exciting (and raunchy) galaxy when you're conscripted into SpaceCorps. Meet the training crew of the USS Mercury -...

ranlilabz, 3dcg, space, alien, female domination, humiliation, sexual harassment, masturbation, handjob, oral sex
09.12.2022 add seaon 2 version 2.3.2
NikociantGames Dominant Witches version 0.9
You play as a student of a magical academy who was sent to an internship in a fortress located in the middle of nowhere. You meet there three witches and an innkeeper. Also in the...

nikociantgames, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, sandbox, big ass, big tits, masturbation, groping, female domination
09.12.2022 add version 0.9
Team Nimbus Cloud Meadow version
Cloud Meadow is a hybrid farming sim dungeon crawler, where the player can choose the solitude of a quiet sky high farm or the rushing adrenaline of a raging battle inside...

team nimbus, slg, strategy, animation, flash, anal, big tits, blowjob, futanaria, furry fuck babes
09.12.2022 add version
Airell Love and Corruption version 0.2.9
Love and Corruption is a text-based, turn-based combat game where you'll be able to explore a growing universe, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells,...

airell, 3dcg, adventure, big breasts, combat, fantasy, femdom, male protagonist, milf, monsters, romance, text based, vaginal sex
09.12.2022 add version 0.2.9
Crossdressing in Camelot by Stickyicky version 0.36.7
Overview: Crossdressing in Camelot is an adventure RPG, with transformation elements focusing on feminization. You play as a young man who wishes to become an adventurer, but ends...

stickyicky, big breasts, big ass, html game, masturbation, sissification, transformation
09.12.2022 add version 0.36.7
HardCoderX23 The Road TWX version 0.2.6
This is a story about meeting a girl/trap on a one-night stand, then going down the road of sissification/feminization because of it. This iteration will follow the original CYOA...

hardcoderx23, html game, fantasy, trap, feminization
08.12.2022 add version 0.2.6
Lust Doll Plus by Indivi version r44.1
Lust Doll is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself....

indivi, rpg, animation, sex toys, sex mashine, defloration, uncensored, fantasy
08.12.2022 add version r44.1
Thegp The Guinea Pig version 0.22a
The content is in it's conceptual phase so far, so expect some bugs and typos. I intend to update it monthly, and release periodic bugfixes as needed. The Guinea Pig is an erotic...

thegp, html game, dating sim, life simulator
08.12.2022 add version 0.22a
Secretary by Deedee version
Secretary is an erotic adventure life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a...

deedee, adventure, bimbofication, corruption, humiliation, feminization, submission
08.12.2022 add version
Bound to College by Pridedrawing version 1.10
You play a young student on his second year of college. Meet your new roommate and the headmaster wants to talk with you. There needs to be done something about your marks. How...

pridedrawing, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, gay, school setting
Swan Song of the White Angels version 0.9 patch 2.5 by H.ERO
In the near future, Earth is under attack by a mysterious organization called Kavliaris. They will stop at nothing to conquer the world. Only one group, calling themselves the...

hero, female protagonist, bondage, 2dcg, fantasy, big breast, corruption, petrification, machines, onahole, turn to combatan, mind-control
07.12.2022 add version 0.9 patch 2.5
Hard Times in Hornstown by Unlikely version 7.2
Overview: Hard Times in Hornstown. This is a text-based sandbox time management game focusing on sexual situations including several fetishes. The game puts you in the shoes of a...

unlikely, html, group, simulator, hornstown
07.12.2022 add version 7.2
Runey Harem Hotel version 0.16.1
Censorship: None Version: 0.16.1 + update only OS: Win/Mac/Android Language: English You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where 8 beautiful women stay! Upgrade...

male protag, incesto, 3dcg, harem, honey select, dating sim, trainer, lesbian, urination, bdsm, femdom, runey
07.12.2022 add version 0.16.1
ugre101 The Essence of Gender version 0.241
The game is a 3D sandbox game, quite bare on content atm. 0.241 Added Toggle for firstperson Bugfixes Battle scene load bug First person bug fixed Cum milker toggles as unlimted...

ugre101, all sex, transformation, male protagonist, female protagonist, text-based
06.12.2022 add version 0.241
Splendid Ostrich Newlife version 0.7.15
Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. In this game you'll usually play as a man who's accidentally transformed into a woman - make a new life for yourself, be...

splendid ostrich, java, text-based, gender bender, vaginal sex, oral sex, submission, anal sex, pregnancy, female protagonist, male protagonist, trans
06.12.2022 add version 0.7.15
Smiling dog Jikage Rising version 1.23b
Never having achieved much in Konoha, you suddenly find yourself back to the past. With the help of the mysterious Saru, you unlocked the power of your clan and gained the ability...

smiling dog, renpy, male protagonist, bdsm, bondage, parody, mind control, corruption, impregnation
06.12.2022 add version 1.23b
Invasive Species 2: The Hive by ArmyofRobots version
This is the sequel to Invasive Species. We have reviewed what players said they did and did not like and we are moving to create a new game based on the feedback. We are trying...

armyofrobots, html game, asian, dating sim, bdsm-bondage
06.12.2022 add version
Fresh Starts by LordOfChange version 0.1.0
Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your home town to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do... immoral things in order...

lordofchange, htnl game, masturbation, toys, real porn
06.12.2022 add version 0.1.0

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