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Daraus My Hero Rising version 0.54
Adult date simulator based in Boku no Hero world using illusion Koikatsu game and software! / Koikatu!© and Evaan's illusion cards.​ ChangeLog (v0.54): Added new villains h-scene....

daraus, male protagonist, teasing, big ass, big tits, school setting, superpowers, masturbation, lesbian, sandbox, animated
31.03.2023 add version 0.54
Life of Crime by Kitem24 version 0.6.6
I wanted to try making something where the hero/anti-hero isn't forced into feminisation, instead they are dragged into it by their own bad decisions and can try to leave at...

kitem24, big ass, big breasts, lesbian, cunnilingus, masturbation, glasses
31.03.2023 add version 0.6.6
Paradise Hell by PrincessKay version 0.035
A young woman wakes up in a room that isn't her own. Try as she might, she can recall nothing about herself beyond her name, occupation, and the persistent suspicion that she used...

princesskay, big breasts, rpg, lesbian, adventure
29.03.2023 add version 0.035
ICCreations F.I.L.F. version 0.18b
You the main character come home from a long time away. greeted by your mom and sister you come to find out your aunt and cousin have also moved into town!...

iccreations, incesto, 3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, groping, harem, handjob, lesbian, male protagonist, milf, oral sex, sex toys, sleeping
28.03.2023 add version 0.18b
Throwawaylady Pandemonium Classic Unity version 1.10
Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition is a 3d version of House of Pandemonium/the Classic mode in House of Pandemonium - Remastered; which are both fantasy themed arena survival tf...

throwawaylady, 3d game, 3dcg, corruption, lesbian, mind control, monster girl, multiple protagonist, possession, rpg, sandbox, transformation
27.03.2023 add version 1.10
TF runner by Sicco version
Quest: Hairdressing help in Gold Rock (transforming customers – long hair, no hair, big dick) More sex with the fairy. Update 0.67 News: New illustrations with Xenia in position...

sicco, vampire, fantasy, jan mrkvicka, lesbian, sex toys, big breasts, hairy pussy
27.03.2023 add version
Fake AI by Dahakma version 0.9.456
The game is a story of a vain, popular girl who gets blackmailed by three disgruntled, horny nerds. They challenge her to finish a virtual-reality game and until she does, she is...

dahakma, 2dcg, text based, female protagonist, fantasy, blackmail, female domination, male domination, group, lesbian, blowjob
26.03.2023 add version 0.9.456
You Throw Like a Girl by Vim version 0.43.1
You're the star quarterback, the homecoming king, and you're dating the hottest girl in school. Life is good...or it was, until you got yourself cursed by a witch. She wanted you...

vim, 2dcg, female protagonist, protagonist, lesbian, male protagonist, masturbation, multiple, endings, oral, school, setting, sex toys, spanking
23.03.2023 add version 0.43.1
Parodos Goblin Layer vesion 0.43.6
Overview: Goblin Layer is a man with serious goblin fetish, a man on a mission: To wipe out every goblin nest! After saving/traumatizing a Priestess in distress, you arrive in a...

parodos, 2d game, 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, analanimated, big ass, big tits, cheating, creampie, fantasy, groping, humor, lactation, lesbian
Deep Interactivity Unholy Arts version 0.3.19
Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley's...

deep interactivity, female protagonist, monster girl, lesbian, female domination, female submission, vaginal, anal
17.03.2023 add version 0.3.19
Vortex Cannon Entertainment Mageroyal Academy version 0.230
Imagine a world where there is magic. And there is a school of magic. And this is not a Potter and pink unicorns. There will be sex, drugs, and devastating spells. Parallel...

vortex cannon entertainment, adv, animation, erotic adventure, sexy girl, big boobs, all sex, policeman, lesbian
17.03.2023 add version 0.230
Erisa's Summer version 0.6.3
A yuri/lesbian focused game that surrounds our hero, Erisa, with beautiful girls on a summer cruise of love and lust...

erisa's, 3dcg, anal, animated, big tits, drama, exhibitionism, femdom, group, sex humor, lesbian, masturbation, romance, female protagonist
TheGary Cure My Addiction ch. 5 ep.1c
Overview: Since your parents found out that you're spending way too much time watching porn they decided to take action and do something about it. Finally, they come to the...

thegary, 3dcg, male protagonist, oral sex, vaginal sex, humiliation, male domination, spanking, bdsm, voyeurism, lesbian, anal sex
14.03.2023 add ch. 5 ep.1c
Runey Harem Hotel version 0.16.2
Censorship: None Version: 0.16.2 + update only OS: Win/Mac Language: English You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where 8 beautiful women stay! Upgrade your...

male protag, incesto, 3dcg, harem, honey select, dating sim, trainer, lesbian, urination, bdsm, femdom, runey
12.03.2023 add version 0.16.2
MercernaryMage Unyielding 2 version 0.06S
Unyielding is transformation based RPG game. I want it to feel like a tabletop RPG, with a living and interesting world. Choices should always matter. The project will be updating...

mercenarymage, 2dcg, big ass, big tits, combat, fantasy, female protagonist, lesbian, male protagonist, masturbation, mobile, oral, text based, transformation
09.03.2023 add Unyielding 2 version 0.06S
Hard Times in Hornstown by Unlikely version 7.5
Overview: Hard Times in Hornstown. This is a text-based sandbox time management game focusing on sexual situations including several fetishes. The game puts you in the shoes of a...

unlikely, text based, male protagonist, character creation, lesbian, gay, transformation, sissification, corruption, male domination, female domination
07.03.2023 add version 7.5
Novus Haven's Port - Build 18
This build focused, per Patron voting last month, on adding the Pet Shop to Haven's Port. In addition, it also added new content for the MC's Cottage home, Captain Arylin Temlin,...

novus, adventure, pirates, bdsm-bondage, lesbian, rope, femdom
04.03.2023 add Build 18
Kosmos Games Bright Past version 0.96
Dear friends, the day has come! It is with great pleasure that I present you a demo of my new project. Some may consider it to be a remake of my very first game - "Bright...

kosmos games, female protagonist, 3dcg, sandbox, adventure, big tits, big ass, lesbian, masturbation, oral sex, vaginal sex, sex toys
23.02.2023 add version 0.96
MeshedVR Stickied: Virt-A-Mate version
Virt-A-Mate, an adults-only virtual reality sex simulator.​ Longer term, and with your support, MeshedVR will invest time working on: Fluid physics Clothing physics Improved hair...

meshed vr, 3d game, 3dcg, virtual reality, male protagonist, female protagonist, animated, sandbox, lesbian, spanking, oral, vaginal sex, anal
23.02.2023 add version
Succubus Contract by Stick4Luck version 0.21.0
This game tells a story, about guy, who's name Kris. Who, because of his own excessive lust, met a succubus. But without knowing who he contacted and where all this will lead,...

stick4luck, 3dcg, big tits, corruption, creampie, female domination, female protagonist, interracial, lesbian, male domination, male protagonist
16.02.2023 add version 0.21.0

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