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Aura-dev Star Knightess Aura version 0.28.3
Follow Aura's adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a "summoned to another...

aura-dev, 2d, adult, eroge, erotic, fantasy, female protagonist, nsfw, rpg maker, singleplayer
17.03.2023 add version 0.28.3
Daemons, Damsels, and Mythical Milfs by ariohdaerthe version 0.06
You play as an 18-year-old half-daemon who is forced to live away from people because your father was a member of the Order of Dusk, whose members have been plotting coups d'etat...

ariohdaerthe, anime, dating sim, eroge, erotic, fantasy, monster-girl, nsfw, point & click, sandbox
11.03.2023 add version 0.06
Venus Noire Seeds of Chaos version 0.3.10
Censored: No Version: 0.3.10 + mod OS: Windows/Mac/Android Language: English Seeds of Chaos is a dark fantasy eroge made in Ren'py, inspired by the worldbuilding of Berserk, Dark...

venus noire, eroge, fantasy, other sex, vn, monsters, demons, anal, big boobs
05.02.2023 add version 0.3.10
Kamoo MonCurse version
R-18 monster girl-ification, fornification. Erotic turn-based RPG about corruption. About the Game Where humans and monsters once waged war, 'Monster-Girls' have emerged with the...

kamoo, adult, anime, eroge, futanari, monster-girls, mouse only, nsfw, nudity, transformation, yuri
Zimon Champion Of Realms version 0.71
The Story: In a world born of chaos, the ancient gods separated their offspring in hopes of avoiding apocalyptic conflict. They created three distinct, temporal dimensions for...

zimon, 3d, adult, anime, eroge, erotic, harem, hentai, monstergirl, nsfw, sandbox
Paizuri University by Zuripai Games version 1.1.0
Overview: Paizuri University is a comedic hentai story about the life of Bill, a photography student at Oat Pi University. And Kareen, a pink haired cutey with a not so secret...

zuripai games, adult, anime, comedy, eroge, erotic, hentai, nsfw, visual novel

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