Yeehaw Games MonGirl Sexpedition verssion 0.80
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Yeehaw Games MonGirl Sexpedition verssion 0.80

Porn Game
Jack’s simple life ends on his birthday with a surprise. He ends up in an unknown land full of monster girls with a task from the Goddess herself. Will he able to impress her?
Of course, this quest won’t be simple, but Jack will meet a lot of interesting girls along the way. Will they become just friends or something more? It’s up to you! Meet girls, increase your power and get the ultimate reward!​
New features and activities

After completing the main questline, you will enter the free-play mode where you can do all the optional stuff you missed. This way you will be able to get all the H scenes without different playthroughs or save/loading. That is, if you’ll survive.

Rena got a new dress, and she looks great in it. You can check out the preview here.

Added a new puzzle with a vanishing floor for the astral prison zone.

Added a new mini-cutscene in Bright Meadows, featuring Mona and Elly.

Players will be finally able to turn in a piece of an ancient tablet in the astral prison zone. It will help you to get stronger before the final boss fight if you’ll explore the zone.

Small fixes and improvements

Added a sound for portal transitions to make the experience more fluid.

Added a new puzzle with new mechanics. It’s based on a vanishing floor and the players need to cross the gap in a specific fashion.

Fixed a problem with Bella’s dialogue at the riverbank. Her sprite no longer remains after the dialogue ends.

Added a free-play mode after the main story with an option to clear the favorite girl selection. This will allow players to clear any missed/new content for the free-play mode.

Fixed a bug where Naka and Belle still had their H scenes available even if you’ve chosen a different girl as your favorite.

Added an option to teleport at the top of the tower right from the ground level once the player progresses the main story far enough.

Fixed a bug that caused Rena’s active skin to switch to the default one after her chibi scene and first encounters on the outskirts. Now skins affect all these dialogues correctly.

Fixed a bug that blocked buying Meggie’s room upgrade from Mudbrick if Mariam’s slave choker quest wasn’t completed. Now you can properly buy it even if you didn’t finish Mariam’s optional task.

Fixed several typos here and there. Thanks for reporting these!

As always, if you don’t like something about the game – tell me, and if you like MonGirl Sexpedition – tell your friends ^^

Yeehaw Games MonGirl Sexpedition verssion 0.80

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