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Circine version 0.05 by Warpshadow
You are a teenage witch, Circine. Your Aunt Donna has tasked you with restocking her farm, and that means you have to go out and transform the locals into animals for the farm....

warpshadow, big breasts, rpg, adventure
05.08.2022 add version 0.05
Warpshadow The Fall Quarter version 0.012
You were just a normal college student but your enrollment turned out to be too good to be true when you found out that you were not only enrolled at a wizard school, but also...

warpshadow, antasy, rpg, adventure, monsters
Land of Monster Girls by Warpshadow version 0.35
You are transported to another world. There the inhabitants are animal girls of various types, usually people that were transported like yourself. They don't act like humans...

warpshadow, fantasy, monster girl, big breasts, rpg
Warpshadow World of monsters version 0.35
This is a game where you find yourself in a world mostly populated by monster girls and you have to make your way around and hopefully home. I plan to be something a zombie...

warpshadow, rpg, adventure, big boobs, all sex