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Save Family by zoeytf version 0.2
This game for adults contains a sci-fi transformation of a Family. With elements of easy domination and submission. Family is in the last step of breaking into parts. They do it...

zoeytf, visual novel, adventure, dating sim, life simulator, cunilingus
Vinfamy LifePlay version 5.9
LifePlay is a life simulation RPG that allows you to play in 186+ real world cities. The game has extensive character customization and includes 632+ scenes, depicting life...

vinfamy, 3d animated, life simulator, custom protagonist, dating sim, pregnancy, vaginal sex, oral sex
17.09.2022 add version 5.9
Kokopelli X-Chang Life version 0.16b
You may experience some slowness on the website while it's getting used to the increased traffic... it should get better soon, but I've also added an offline version. X-Change...

kokopelli, aphrodite, reality, dating sim, life simulator, big breasts, glasses
13.09.2022 add version 0.16b
Mugwump Clean Slate version 0.9.4
You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate -- but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don't play your cards right you might end up with a future you...

mugwump, group, life simulator, student, adventure, big breasts
13.09.2022 add version 0.9.4
Thegp The Guinea Pig version 0.12a
The content is in it's conceptual phase so far, so expect some bugs and typos. I intend to update it monthly, and release periodic bugfixes as needed. The Guinea Pig is an erotic...

thegp, html game, dating sim, life simulator
22.08.2022 add version 0.12a
Maiie Chemically Defined version 1.1
Your grades are in the toilet and you're about to be kicked out of one of the most prestigious universities... but a shady professor offers you a lifeline if you perform some...

maiie, visual novel, life simulator, all sex
15.08.2022 add version 1.1
WendyShadows Over Solomon Falls version 0.24c
Shadows Over Solomon Falls is a mystery RPG with minor lifesim elements. The game is very plot focused with major decisions that drive the story forward. Inspired by urban fantasy...

wendy, html game, life simulator, adventure, wendythered, corruption, masturbation
06.08.2022 add version 0.24c
LadyNicole Schizophrenia version 0.0.8
I played many superb games here so I decided to add one too. This is my first game and is in early dev stage, so please keep it in mind :). However I am opened to any feedback...

ladynicole, html game, reality, dating sim, life simulator
27.07.2022 add version 0.0.8
CloudingDarkly Strange Times At Schoman High version 0.46
After a fateful encounter at their school our hero is caught up in a strange and wild world that was operating just under their nose. Now they have to find new allies or risk...

cloudingdarkly, html game, real sex, school, life simulator
Arcade 18 v0.2.1.1 by MizPerix
In the year 2118 a VR nerd student gains access to an adult entertainment facility. Here players gain xp and level up for doing lewd things. They are divided into classes of...

mizperix, cyberpunk, html game, life simulator, glasses, blowjob
Jeanne by Yarda version 1.0
My first Twine game, the setting is medieval. The hero is a spy slowly transformed to a woman by an alchemic potion. In this version only 3 days from 16 planned are implemented....

yarda, html game, reality, life simulator, adventure
21.07.2022 add version 1.0
YeomanR The Claim version 0.13.1
Plot Overview: In "The Claim", a shy young man takes on a summer job watching over a home. This turns out to be a less ordinary experience than he was expecting. He may...

yeomanr, html game, sim, simulator, life simulator
05.07.2022 add version 0.13.1