Icarus Videos Dickgirl Dorm version
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Icarus Videos Dickgirl Dorm version

Porn Game
You are currently jobless and looking for vacancies when out of the blue you get a call to become a Dorm Porter/Maintenance person for a college dorm, you go to the interview and you ace it! Only for you to be told AFTER you've signed the contract that these girls are rather special...well...they have something special! Oh and it's YOUR JOB to keep 9 horny dickgirls happy! How? Well you signed up for that, should have read the contract a bit further... So basically it's a kind of semi-open game where your job is make sure all the rooms are in a good state of repair, fix them when they breakdown (oh and contract says YOU have to pay for repairs yourself), talk to the girls, avoid (or don't) getting speared by them. Oh and if you chose to have a spouse at the beginning you can also have them (Either a male or female spouse, so it can be a gay or straight relationship) joining you after certain events in game.

* Introduction of Gym are and Gym Instructor - At the moment there is just a few lines of conversation and motivational lines.

* 18 Lounge Scenes for female player.

* 18 Kitchen Scenes for female player.

* Re-wrote some of the male kitchen/lounge scenes - Not all of them but I thought I'd try a more descriptive way of writing. Let me know what you think.

* 16 of 78 Corridor conversations are in, these are Amina talking to people and Annabella talking to people if Annabella is a lodger. This is the part I ran out of time to do, mainly because I overextended myself. 78 combinations with 5 different things they say each time is a LOT of lines. Once finished however I hope it increases immersion and the understanding of the characters, it will also eventually make it more dynamic as they will reference stuff that has been done.

* Can turn fetishes off by talking to the guide at home - At the moment there is Netorare, Netorase and Gay that you can toggle on and off. Netorare there is little content so far and Gay has none so far.

I did a quick playthrough and amended some bugs but do let me know if any more show up, I can then amend and re-release as necessary.

I rather liked working on the game again.

Icarus Videos Dickgirl Dorm version

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