Aika Trap Quest Release 13 version 8.0
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Aika Trap Quest Release 13 version 8.0

Porn Game
Trap Quest is an erotic text-heavy turn-based clickable-text-input roguelike game which can be run in Windows, older versions of MacOS (newer versions have to use the glitchy Gargoyle or emulate Windows), Linux, and (to some lesser extent) Android and iOS. Its premise is that you're playing a very difficult virtual reality game and your body and mind are transformed in response to the events that happen in the game while you search for the exit.

Difficulty settings rework!
If you've been keeping up with the latest hentai trends, over the last year or so, you may have noticed an increase in art of RPG dungeoneers / adventurers getting caught by traps and/or wearing cursed loot that changes them from, as an example, a level 99 paladin to a level 1 fuckdoll. I've really enjoyed this and it's something I've tried to emulate in Trap Quest in the past, and indeed in earlier versions of the game it was more common to find yourself with a very low stat or two. However in recent years, every time I add content that drains your strength, dexterity or intelligence, even when it's walled behind the Game Hates You setting, I've received a lot of complaints.
So my solution to this is to now try using the game difficulty setting to allow people to control how much stat drain there is in the game.
The higher your game difficulty, the more game effects you're likely to encounter that drain your stats. At the easiest game difficulty, the game will feel how it feels right now - your main combat stats will almost certainly climb upwards over time. But the higher you set the difficulty, the more stuff there will be that you need to avoid in order to maintain those stats.
At medium difficulties, you'll mostly find that these stat drain events are avoidable. They'll (mostly) be telegraphed and you'll just have to make certain choices in order to avoid them.
At higher difficulties, you'll encounter the above, but you'll also likely periodically randomly encounter some completely unavoidable stat drain.
In the Orc's poker game, when you lose, kings in your hand drain stats.
Needle traps will sometimes drain stats.
Breathing in pink smoke will sometimes drain stats.
There's also a few events that can give really huge but temporary stat drains with high game difficulty.
The fatigue rune trap (only with Game Hates You enabled too)
First up, we now have 'curse wisps'. These operate a lot like clothing uncurse quests - you need to do something specific to get rid of them. But instead of the 'bad stuff' being that the clothing remains cursed until you complete the quest, there's instead a set punishment, and a 'punishment trigger'. If you encounter the thing that triggers the punishment, which likely takes some conscious effort to continously avoid (e.g. 'have an orgasm' or 'get too hungry') before you complete the quest, which will be something that you usually need to purposefully seek out (e.g. 'work at the brothel' or 'earn uses of the woods altar'), then the punishment happens (e.g. 'lose strength').
These new curse wisps still exist at low difficulties, but are just more likely (or 100% likely) to instead increase a bimbo stat as a punishment.
Currently, curse wisps appear in the following ways:
A new pressure pad 'rune trap' in the dungeon.
Something the witch can do to you while you're fighting her, if you've decided to piss her off.
Something that can happen if you don't get lucky when touching the mansion statue's butt.
Sometimes happens when you use the dungeon altar before it's ready.
When you defeat a ghost, and roll a bad luck roll.
When you pick up the cock candle, and don't roll a good luck roll.
When you eat a candy corn when you currently have no curse wisps.
When you use the demonic altar in the Hotel (see later).
When you have the 7 of clubs in your hand when you lose a game of poker with the orc.
When you stay in the same room as the clairvoyant cultist for too long (e.g. if you rest there!)
[Beta testers] When you go on a 'drunk adventure' after drinking too much alcohol.
Each time the doom ritual progresses.
A few specific new wisps can be obtained by:
Encountering the robobutler after upsetting him, e.g. by repeatedly not tipping (prostitution quest, speech trigger)
Sometimes when feeding a 'whore' themed item to your bag of holding (prostitution quest, random trigger)
The new emerald ranked lesson (lose mouthful trigger)
[A2M] If the doom ritual is active (or complete) and the circumstances are right, a wench will initially punish you by filling your champagne glass with cum, and manifesting a wisp (empty all drinks quest, spill drink trigger) before carrying on with her normal punishment next turn.
Art by Borvar.
Hungry Bag of Holding rework.
There are a number of additional themes and colours that bags of holding can react to when they consume and item.
Bags of holding will now randomly select one eligible effect to trigger when they consume an item, rather than executing all eligible triggers.
Over time you will learn which items to avoid feeding to your bag!
The idea here is that you shouldn't just always feed it your least useful items. Sometimes you'll need to avoid feeding it those because the potential cost is too high.
Especially because as your game difficulty rises, the chance of core stat loss increases too.

The demonic altar in the hotel is now in the public version, and is reworked.
Present yourself or an item of clothing with 0 or less magic enhancement, to get a buff, and a curse wisp. The buff is better the longer it's been since you last used the altar.
Clothing gets an enhancement rise but also the 'hostility' attribute which punishes you for engaging in combat.
Presenting yourself gets you either...
A demonic tail plug with good magic enhancement, attribute and influences.
1 to 4 imps following you around, which aid with combat but will fuck you when they get bored.
A random identified rare item of clothing with a good magic enhancement.
Pressure traps are no longer guaranteed to trigger when you step on them.
There is a (difficult) dexterity roll to avoid triggering a pressure trap the first time you step on it.
Every time after the first time you encounter a pressure trap, you only forget to avoid the pressure pad if you fail a bad luck roll (so approximately 25% of the time).
Even if you forget, you still get the dexterity roll chance of avoiding it.
A new command 'quests' lists any and all clothing and wisp quests you currently have, as well as a few other major quests that you might have going on, such as the Doom Quest or (for beta testers) Extra Credit predicament.
The icons for the mansion paintings on the map now indicate whether they're currently accessible or not.
Fan submitted suggestions:
[Lactation] The nurse will milk particularly milky boobs when you rest on the med bay bed (you don't get the milk).
There's now a 'magic zipper' item obtainable in containers and in the shop that can transform items that have a normal crotch into ones with a zipper crotch.
[Artificial enhancements] Entering a body of water as a silicone queen (wearing a silicone queen outfit) will cause it to transform into a new bimbo swimsuit. You'll lose any cross-classes but the swimsuit gives a nice bonus to strength.
The rune trap that expands your breasts also expands your butt, even with lactation fetish enabled.
Some new 'pranks' that low-favour ditzy students can perform on you:
Breast Groping
Skirt flipping
This will usually combo into a different prank!
This will usually combo into a different prank!
New fake nails (only if you're ruby ranked or higher)
You can now spit a mouthful of bodily fluids at NPCs to temporarily blind them. It will last 2, 3 or 4 turns depending on how big the mouthful was. Except for urine, which is always just 2 turns.
A new magic clothing attribute 'strength stealing' operates like cursed items removed in the (alpha testers only) Extra Credit Zone - when removed, even when uncursed, it takes 1 strength point with it. The strength point is returned when you put the item back on.
Currently this can happen when your clothing is hit by a magic dust trap but fails to transform, or if you are very unlucky when any uncursed item of clothing with no magical attribute is successfully transformed (by any means).
When an item fails to be transformed because it has transformation resistance (usually because it's rare or because it is rare), if it currently has no magic clothing attribute, it will be given one of the bad ones!
[Interracial] If your "betrothed" is not a dark-skinned npc, and you're wearing an interriacial themed tattoo or piece of clothing, having sex with a dark skinned npc will no longer cause you to be punished for infidelity. Instead, the new npc will just take over as your husband.

The anchor collar (a rare item found by diving or sometimes in rare item containers) now halves trip chance while worn.
[Interracial] BBC addiction, which now has a lot more ways for it to increase, now goes from 1 to 20 rather than 1 to 10.
[Interracial] Fixed an issue where more tattoos were appearing than intended when you orgasmed on black dick, and also now the BBC tattoos that appear in this way will appear in increasing order of outrageousness.
You now (slowly) regain magic power over time.
Extra large sex toys cannot be removed from your butt while you're wearing a chastity belt - the hole is too small.
The amount of stimulation that sex toys do while inside you has been reduced, so hopefully you'll get less slightly ridiculous spontaneous orgasms just from wearing a butt plug.
Improved the code for tail plugs. You can now wear displacable items while wearing a tail plug - they'll just start displaced.
Wearing the wrestler jumpsuit she drops after being banished summons the wrestler hood, if able.
When a bridal dress is hit by a transformation effect, it always gets the strength stealing attritbute. You can't just ditch that slutty dress!
The black lace items in the hotel laundry room now each have an (unlucky roll) chance of having the 'provocation' attribute, which means that they will transform and self-curse immediately upon being worn.
Also, if one of the black lace items that's already been transformed is hit by another transformation effect, it transforms any of the other items that you're already wearing.

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