The Repopulation Initiative by Skaiyawn version 1.02
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The Repopulation Initiative by Skaiyawn version 1.02

Porn Game
Well, now that I've gotten this to a decent state for an alpha, this is The Repopulation Initiative! It's a Twine game with graphics made in Kisekae2 (that paperdoll you see everywhere) where you are taken to a government facility against your will in an effort to repopulate an island stricken with infertility in their women. It's primarily pregnancy and lactation based, with an optional cow girl TF path implemented so far. More transformations are planned.

The Repopulation Initiative v1.02
Removed hunger as it made the game way too grindy for the amount of content it contained. Stress is kept. Spamming sleep does not make the player worry about stress.

Decided to include the unused sex images I had, but I only have images for the first two bovination levels. I'm not making more right now. I also included the piv extras for the sex scenes but those are only for non-bovinated players right now.

Backend update: I put line breaks in the code. yeah. they didn't have them before. ream me.

I didn't do any testing shoot me. I just wanted to right the wrong that was adding hunger.

Don't expect any more from me (unless something's broken). I'm not saying definitively that it won't happen, but expect nothing.

The Repopulation Initiative by Skaiyawn version 1.02

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