Event Girl by Sylen version 0.19.0
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Event Girl by Sylen version 0.19.0

Event Girl is an interactive story, in which you take control of a young college student going on a field trip with his class to a Cryolab. The year is 2023, and promising progress is being made in the Cryostasis field.

- Added all Slut Reflection passages (instead of placeholders).

- Added Quest: Amanda Meeting 2

- Added Quest: Amanda Bug Mission

- Added Location: Waller Gardens (with an Elevator in the Gloria Hotel leading to it)

- Added Location: Amanda´s Office

- Added Amanda Waller location schedule.

- Added some default lines for her for now.

- Made it more clear that you need to pass Feminine before you can reflect on Slut, and Slut before Bimbo.

- Added a huge "NEW GAMES ONLY" message at the start.

- Fixed the error for "Time" that would show up if the player refreshed/updated the game in-browser.

- Rewrote the first meeting with Amanda to more fit her newly expanded Character Arc.

- Fixed a lot of typos/grammar.

- Fixed a dead end in the first meeting with Amanda.

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11.09.2021 add version 0.19.0

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