Fresh Starts by LordOfChange version 0.0.21d
08.05.2022 1 378 67 mb

Fresh Starts by LordOfChange version 0.0.21d

Porn Game
Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your home town to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do... immoral things in order to make your place in the town. To what lenghts are you willing to go to stay in the city? Will you stay true to who you are, or will you change to try to fit in? Only time will tell...
Content Patch 0.0.21d - Shape Up!
-Old Republic: Added two new items
-Hush: Removed all panties and bras
-Cherish Luxury: New Shop, includes Hush's bras and panties and 4 new items
-Hospital: Redo of surgery selections
Red Light District:
-Underground Clinic: Redo of surgery selections
-Changed the way the Profile Avatar is rendered (lowers the game size by a few MB)
-Changed buttons at Tenebria
-Changed some of the location pictures
-$price switched to temporary variable
-Optimized clothing status display
-Minor optimization in Sissy Maid job's calculations
-Lowered Story History to 1 (from 40) to make saves far lighter
-Fixed issues with corsets and routines
-Fixed Desire~ being labelled as "Sex Shop"
-Fixed "Wait" options missing variable prompt
-Fixed Mini Chastity (Locked) not counting for Pervertion 5
-Fixed Pervertion 5 never registering as completed
-Fixed Dog Siter always sending the player to the Starter Apartment
-Fixed Sissy Maid always sending the player to the Starter Apartment
-Fixed Laundromat random event never triggering
-Fixed Red Eye Shadow disappearing in inventory
-Fixed issues with makeup and the player profile
-Fixed issues with styles and three color fades (you will have to save your styles again for this fix to work)
-Fixed some issues with Shower Routines

Once more, thank you to Allyne29380 for some of the fixes featured in this patch!

Fresh Starts by LordOfChange version 0.0.21d

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