Lexx Games Raubritter version 0.1 Alpha
24.06.2021 626 2920 mb

Lexx Games Raubritter version 0.1 Alpha

Porn Game
First release build, pretty rusty but solid. What's up there?
Completely open world, meaning you can go in every building without loading.
Starting village with people who live there. Npc will wander around, work and eat from time to time simulating real life villagers. Not just standing in one place.
Dialogue system. Dialogues themselves are subject to change in later builds, still figuring which way the story and quests will go.
Inventory, equipment and containers system. You can wear or eat anything you get your hands on. No stats system yet.
Day\Night cycle, still a little unrealistic.
Interactables like benches and beds.
Physics based doors (might glitch from time to time), witcher 3 style.
Some adult animations accessable through dialogue.
Ambience sounds.
Some breakable ceramics in case you wanna break something.
Game is optimized a little, but might not be that performant on the lower spec computers.
Combat system is there and you can kill npc, but i haven't worked on it much yet so animations are not that good. To be replaced with mocap.
And since it's only tech build lots of stuff are placeholders.
Have fun guys!

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The Realm of Lucira by Sylen version 0.45c
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Vren Lab Rats 2 version 0.51.1
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Tentakero Project Cappuccino version 1.25.0
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Odetocomplex Sissy Adventures version 2.5
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