Altos and Herdone The Headmaster version 0.9.1 beta
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Altos and Herdone The Headmaster version 0.9.1 beta

Porn Game
It just so happened that in the near future, a small island state was faced with a strange crisis. The fact is that the number of school graduates began to decline sharply. Universities began to be empty, filling out the groups by only a third. As a result, young specialists became scarce, and there was an oversupply of unskilled labor.
Something needs to be done, and therefore the government obligated all young people who were already eighteen and who could not pass the final exams, to go to specialized educational institutions, where they would be trained to the required level so that they could enter universities.
In the game you will become an expert in the field of psychology of young people. You have your own idea on how to solve the problem. Having learned about your theory, the mysterious organization invites you to become the principal of the school, for whose children you need to be pulled up so that they pass final exams.
Now you have in your hands a whole school of young girls who are not particularly willing to teach, and you must make sure that they want to master the material and develop further. There will be many trials and temptations waiting for you along the way. Can you handle it?

Changelog v0.9.1 beta
Introduction scene for chapter 2
Five new/updated patrolling-the-halls events.
One new and four updated weekend patrol events
Three new repeatable class events (including spankings) for Priti, Liz, Faye
New classroom spanking from the headmaster for Rachel
New repeatable punishments in your office: Priti, Liz, Faye
New classroom punishment: Girls can be made to sit through class topless (implemented for Rachel, Cassandra, Faye, Priti and Liz)
New Friday quiz, where you can pick which girl to punish
Girls can now be made to clean the school grounds in their underwear.
New headmasters privilege rule: Can give a body search to anyone on campus
A scene for Maxine in your office
A scene for Miss Chang at her apartment
Sex ed lesson from the nurse
Swimming pool added.
New student: Olivia.
You can spend time in your office watching porn
You can watch TV with the girls on Sunday evening
Strip search for Nina
Spanking and Tit job scene for Alice
BJ scene with Sally
Sex scene with Miss Swallows
Spanking and masturbation scene with Sally and Liz

Altos and Herdone The Headmaster version 0.9.1 beta

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