Fuzzy Kitten Games Room-Mating version 0.5.0
14.12.2021 618 850 mb

Fuzzy Kitten Games Room-Mating version 0.5.0

Porn Game
Censorship: No
Language : English

You play as a young man who is finally out on his own for the first time in his life.
You rent a room from a woman named Cathy, who lives with you and your two other roommates.
Changelog Room-Mating v. 0.5.0
· Minor tweaks to current dialog
· Expanded Abby’s Backrub scene to include a threesome ending with Brittany. The threesome option will trigger if you have a score of at least 100 with both girls. Includes 31 new images.
· Expanded Brittany’s Movie scene to include a threesome ending with Cathy. The threesome option will trigger if you have a score of at least 100 with both girls. Includes 30 new images.
· Expanded Cathy’s Kitchen scene to include a threesome ending with Abby. The threesome option will trigger if you have a score of at least 100 with both girls. Includes 20 new images.

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