Exiscoming Paprika Trainer version
12.01.2022813 866 mb

Exiscoming Paprika Trainer version

From the author of Orange Trainer, this parody is based on Totally Spies.​
What's new?

Spies kissing CGs added
Flashbang Belt upgrade made available
Jetpack gadget added
Drone upgrade can now target enemies in the back of the room.
FreeRoam mode added after credits

Paprika Trainer has been somewhat of a nightmare when it came to bugs. Looking back on the code now, there's so much I would've done differently with the knowledge I have now.

Throughout June there have been several patches which have hopefully ironed out the last of the problems, but I'm pretty sure the stress of having to track down and fix all of these has taken off a few years of my life. All of this is going to lead to some changes on how I develop games in the future. More info on this soon.

Android port

Besides bugfixing, there's now also an official Android port of the game! Meaning you can now play PT in public places! Like on the bus, meanwhile trying to desperately ignore the angry scowls of your fellow passengers as you blast the adult scenes on full volume at 8:00 am. :D

Exiscoming Paprika Trainer version

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