Niflheim Psychology Club version 0.7.1
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Niflheim Psychology Club version 0.7.1

Porn Game

Psychology Club

In Psychology Club you play the roll of an unnamed main character attending university.
Deciding you should try to meeting new friends and end up joining the Psychology club which is full of hot girls (and maybe later some guys) who seem to like to 'mess' with peoples minds. How long will you remain unchanged? And what kind of change will you end up having?
Change must come from within!

Version 0.7.1
Added a simplified Me page to see a description of yourself (will be updating/including pictures with future updates)
Fixed bug that made the game challenge basically unwinnable
Fixed image sizes for various images.
Added the 2nd club meeting event. (may add images later, and will be adding consequences)
Added days 6-7 but lots of things are still being added to them (and very barebones 8-9).
Did some work on Emails (more/later emails)
Added a option to start masturbating if you get very aroused while watching porn.
Added option to shave once you finish showering (less clicks, also redid how the bathroom works so it will be easier to add things later)
Quite a few other changes that probably wont be that noticeable to players but lots of coding changes.
I believe the option to go back after getting a Bad End works now, didnt work before because it went back (and undid the page lowering your bimbo/hypno).
There could be other things that I have forgotten.

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