Bestbabynumberone The Dionysus Cup version
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Bestbabynumberone The Dionysus Cup version

Porn Game
The Story Dionysus Cup is an erotic tf game containing themes of male submission/feminization and bimbofication.

It is set in an mythological/anachronistic Ancient Greece, where gods walk among mortals.

As either Cyril (half human, half mythological beast) or Matthias (human) you will balance your daily life of selling mythological items with the inner desires tapped into by the spirit living in your head. At first you don't know who she is or where she is from, but she shares your body with you, and has very different ideas than you about how you ought to operate it.

This game is completely queer/pansexual. You are (textually) neither straight nor gay, and you will generally be able to choose which relationships you wish to pursue. (The being sharing your body may have a preference of being humiliated and used by strong men, but you don't necessarily have to let her have her way. You can just get humiliated by women instead.) You will see naked people of all kinds (this is Ancient Greece, after all.)

Because this is a RenPy game, you will need to download the version native to your OS. There are separate versions for mac and pc (as far as I know Linux users should use PC version.)

Hotfix: Version July 17 2019
- Hotfix contains quality of life change to the barter system. You can now end transactions at any time. (Also added in small change for unicode characters of dash and ellipses, thanks to Emmeken.)

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