Elisarstudio Threads of Destiny version 0.2.4
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Elisarstudio Threads of Destiny version 0.2.4

Porn Game
We are glad to inform you that today you will be able to get an access to 0.3a version!
In this update, we did the following things:
- The title screen is improved and animated;
- The prologue was expanded and completes, as well as we've added some new art;
- Now you can skip the prologue if you wish;
- The main menu was completed;
- You can adjust the control keys to your preferences;
- We've added a mouse control, but you can use it at your own risk, because sometimes there are glitches with it, which can lead to a freezing of the character. In the future, we will try to find a solution to this problem.
- There are two new locations with some animations;
- You can get to the Alley of Fame, through inventory with the help of a pendant from Sardo or jewelry from Elli.
- In this update you will meet four new characters. Each of them has its own unique character and history, which will be revealed during the game.
- Version 0.2 and the other ones will also be available for MacOS. We don't have a chance to test it. We hope that the game will work, but if there are any problems, please inform us.
- The quality of the first day's translation has been improved;
- Also at the end of the second version the ability of free movement in the locations was added. Some attentive players will be able to find a couple of surprises, access to which will be opened in the next version.

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