Oppai Games Quickie A Love Hotel Story version 0.21.1p
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Oppai Games Quickie A Love Hotel Story version 0.21.1p

Porn Game
From the Oppai Games series Quickie and working title "NotSoQuickie" in A Love Hotel Stories you take charge of the management of your parents' hotel and its transformation into a "Love Hotel", making it profitable.​



Camgirl room is no longer unlocked by default. To unlock the Camgirl room, you'll need to buy and read the Camgirl blueprint (bought from Love Life in Akihabara).


New Quickie Girl: Aria

Aria’s Heart 1 event is now available! Aria’s event can be triggered in Harajuku (new location!) during the afternoons.

New Hotel Invites: Toshiko Monster and Professor Belmont Camgirl Rooms

Toshiko Monster and Professor Belmont Camgirl room Quickie Love Hotel Invites are now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the Monster room and Camgirl room in your Hotel! Camgirl room requires you to read a blueprint bought from Love Life in Akihabara).

New Location: Harajuku

Harajuku is now available! You can unlock Harajuku after earning 9 hotel stars.


Added Aria’s Heart 1 event (available in Harajuku).
Added Toshiko Monster and Professor Belmont Camgirl room invites (patron only).
Professor Belmont Library room invite is now available in fan/public builds.
Added Toshiko Slime costume (available in her Monster room invite).
Added Professor Belmont skirt costume (available in her Cam Girl room invite).

New location: Harajuku.
New story location: NEON.
Harajuku can be unlocked after earning 9 hotel stars.
Improved UI image quality in some areas (most noticeable when running in higher quality).
Improved H-Scene image quality in some scenes (most noticeable when running in higher quality).
Very minor tweaks/improvements to earlier Heart scenes.
Added cheat to set a hotel’s star rating (Cheat build only).

New hotel rooms: Karaoke and Camgirl rooms. (Camgirl room requires you to read a blueprint bought from Love Life in Akihabara).
New hotel: Akihabara.
Lowered the amount required for some of the money goals.
Added a few more steps to the Quickie Hotel Manager tutorial that were removed last build.

Fixed save bug caused by a hotel reaching max star rating.
Fixed a number of minor bugs.

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