Mistress Madness by thriller12345 version 1.3
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Mistress Madness by thriller12345 version 1.3

Porn Game
Mistress Madness is a collection of TG/TF themed games, all of which revolve around "Mistress", the otherwise nameless antagonist of the games.

This game is in ongoing development, and updates will be somewhat slow.
V 1.3:
-Added the ability to skip the first 7 days
-Added the computer
-Made early game Mistress more powerful
-The player will now get 100 EXP if they lose to Mistress in a fight
-"Nerdy" and "Slutty Nerd" endings added
-Made it possible to skip all masturbation scenes
-Added natural magic regen. to all female classes
-Reworked the "Magic Drain" ability
-Updated the graphics in the apartment
-Reduced how hungry work makes the player
-Added the need to take a shower
-Added shower female masturbation scene
-Made it possible to style your hair before work
-Added the "Listen to music" activity
-Made it possible to check yourself in the mirror at all times
-Added Endless Mode
-Added Cheat Mode
-Minor bug fixes

Mistress Madness by thriller12345 version 1.3

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