Sugarmint Malevolent Planet version 0.2.02 Preview
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Sugarmint Malevolent Planet version 0.2.02 Preview

Porn Game
Malevolent Planet is a text-based game made in Twine using SugarCube. You play as a female adventurer who has always wanted to explore new lands and what better way to do that than explore a new planet? You are a scientist whose task is to investigate a new planet found at the outer edge of the Milky Way and together with your crew, you are on to that task. Many surprises await you now and in the future as well.

In order to play the game, you will need to unzip the archive and open the .html file in a browser, preferably Chrome. You can play the latest public version on my Patreon.

Two new hairstyles have been added to the game and assets for the curvy bodytype have been drawn and integrated within the character creation screen. New clothes have been made, an academy uniform for the intro and other sequences, a college outfit that is only used for a scene so far, but might be used later.
11k words have been written so far, 7k more than the last version. New story details include her meeting her crewmates before the spaceship launch including some case files that go into deeper detail about each's background.
All crewmates' portraits have been drawn, among with portraits of other characters that are integral to the story and a few have already been coded in.
Integrated a new dialog UI made by ChapelR.
Finished the writing for the virus samples quest and the sample size has been greatly reduced, from 500 to 25 and you do not need to do any grinding so far, just progress through the story.
Fixed (hopefully) the character screen that somehow covered the scroll bar and other buttons.

Sugarmint Malevolent Planet version 0.2.02 Preview

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