TheLuco Harem Lotion version 0.4
28.07.2021 357 623 mb

TheLuco Harem Lotion version 0.4

Porn Game
the protagonist gets a weird "job" at a local adult toy company, the boss of this company wants him to gather info of the usage of this new product they're testing, a lotion that makes pheromones go crazy and attract females... Will he succeed or is there something else lurking in the shadows?​

-Translated to english
-Changed the menu and messeges windows to a more fitting color
-Changed the menu option when clicking the gear icon in the cellphone to the correct ones.

*New stuff in the game
-You can give info about the lotion to the company CEO on fridays
-after giving info to the CEO when you go to sleep a dream secuence will play with a little bit of story going on
-There's a new little quest in the mall, talk to the old man with the books, when you complete it you can spend time there reading a book (advances time)
-After the dream secuence talk again to the librarian that now has new dialogue
-Added Flashback Mode. Now you can watch all the scenes from the book on the table in your apartment, to unlock it you must see at leat 1 scene, each scene will
become available when you watch it once.
-New zones available going up just outside your apartment, there's nothing to do there yet.

*New Scenes
-Carol scene 3 (Blowjob)
-Asako scene 3 (Sex)
-Reiko scene 3 (Sex)
-Fran scene 2 (Buttjob)
-Fran scene 3 (Sex)

TheLuco Harem Lotion version 0.4

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