Fat Rooster Dungeons of Desire version 0.4.1
14.12.2021 378 55 mb

Fat Rooster Dungeons of Desire version 0.4.1

Porn Game
This big update brings a whole new level to the game, including 4 new enemies and one new boss.

The issue that causes enemy animations to be replaced by black boxes is still going on. If you experience this, please try restarting your computer and/or closing background applications to free up space.
I'll be rolling out some smaller updates to introduce new items and mechanics as this version moves toward the public release.

3 levels
21 enemies (complete with sex scenes)
1 playable character
11 equippable items
4 sexy NPCs
3 non-combat random events
5 unique tracks
Bug fixes and changes:

New level added; The Tomb
Protective Circle now works as intended
Fixed bug that caused harvesting bosses to not heal you
Added tutorial screen explaining stats

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