Atlantia by CoffeeGirlWorks version 0.08
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Atlantia by CoffeeGirlWorks version 0.08

Porn Game
An 18+ furry porn game, with themes of exploration and interaction with the characters in a bright and vibrant solar/cyberpunk world. The content will cater to the furry audience as well as all fans of erotica, and feature open and robust character creation and customization, as well as a variety of NPC characters, each with their own interactions and story lines. There are currently around ~25k words written within the game, including around ~20k words of erotic content! Please feel free to give the game a go, test it out, and explore the content!

Version 0.08
Two new characters!
In the south park, we've got June, a redheaded human girl playing guitar in the bench. You can tip her, and learn a little bit about who she is (As well as learning a bit more about the world of the game). Of course, she comes complete with some sex scenes too!
Getting a blowjob from her
Getting eaten out by her
Having her ride you cowgirl-style
In the alleyway north of your apartment during the day, you can find a goth lizard-girl smoking and chat her up. Couple of sex scenes with her, showcasing her extremely long tongue and what she can do with it!
Her getting on her knees and stroking your cock with her tongue,
Or having her tonguefuck your pussy, depending on which you have
Working in a lot of backend stuff, as usual, as I get a lot of stuff in place
As always, fixing spelling mistakes and small changes

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