DisorderLyly Binary Glow version 0.1.2
19.05.2021 390 194 mb

DisorderLyly Binary Glow version 0.1.2

Porn Game
So, before your astonished eyes (or at least mine, because I never thought I'd pull it off), here is the first version of Binary Glow.

As such, it might still contains (despise my effort to remove most of them) bugs or typos, with my deepest apologies. Please, feel free to warn me if you encounter one of those, it will help me greatly!

This version really is an introduction to the game, with limited content, but is enough, I hope, to give you a glimpse of what it may become. I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.
Bug fixes:
-Characters not appearing anymore during a conversation if you travel from the gym locker room

-Continue button loading non-compatible saves

-Mood going below 0 if you're using the subway

-"Ease" stat bug when wearing the gym clothes, making it impossible to go above 1.

-And other minor stuff

-The issue for 21:9 monitor users making it impossible to change clothes should now be fixed

DisorderLyly Binary Glow version 0.1.2

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19.05.2021 add version 0.1.2

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