Novus Eros Academy version 2.3
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Novus Eros Academy version 2.3

Porn Game
or the purposes of the game, you play as Faith Imati, a young women who has worked up the courage to check out her local Eros Academy. The initial build mostly consists of her introduction to the Academy, with a few minor scenes scattered afterward for players to find through exploration. Ultimately, the game will play as a cross between Dating Sim and an fairly open ended RPG. As you explore the ever-expanding world of Eros Academy, you'll be able to meet and develop relationships with an expanding number of NPCs, while also having the opportunity to shape Faith's personality/sexuality to your liking. You will be able to, in example, choose to mold her into either a dominant or submissive, with new options and interactions opening up depending on what you choose.
Release Notes: What's New in 2.3

There are 87 new renders since the last public release! They are spread across a number of places (obviously) including new Naomi content, New Scenarios, and a new random encounter.

- The Chastity Exercise Challenge! Finally! Via this 18 render event, found via the Exercise Menu in the Main Hallway, Faith can now participate in Eros Academy's famous Chastity Exercise Challenge. If she chooses to join, she'll be locked in a belt for two weeks, with only toys charged by her exercise routine to get her off! (Note: Because I never implemented a calendar into Eros Academy, the 'two weeks' happen in snap-shots all at once).

- A Thief's Punishment! A new scenario (free from the scenario menu on the main hallway menu). Faith can act out the part of a pickpocket whose been capture in the City of Sune, a town dedicated to a goddess of pleasure! Watch as her punishment takes the form of being put up for Public Use by the rest of the city in this 9-render scenario...

- Tomb Delver! A new premium 26 render scenario that's a rather blatant parody of the Tomb Raiser series ^_^.

- 2 new additions to the Challenge board in Naomi's apartment ('Go do something at Naomi's place', from the 'Do something special' menu after you ask her to be your girlfriend). The new challenges are: The Chastity Day challenge and the Strip-Club challenge. Go check them out!

- A new 11 render random encounter, also making use of the new chastity belt asset. Use 'Explore the Academy until you stumble into an Eros Academy employee raffling off the key of a girl in chastity...

- Various bugfixes and some spelling/grammar corrections.

Novus Eros Academy version 2.3

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