WifeTrainer Wife Trainer version 0.7I3
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WifeTrainer Wife Trainer version 0.7I3

Porn Game
In this game you play a male character with one of three traits: Playboy, Hypnotist or Naturally Dominant.
Your business is to work with women to help them change. Success with clients increases your reputation,
providing you the opportunity to work with additional clients. Continuing actions may also be available with former clients,
depending on your level of success when training them...

Ver. 0.7l3
• Fixing the critical loading save game error.

• Bug triggering Becky Sue objection to your other relationships before she becomes your girlfriend.

• All bugs reported for 0.7k, I believe
• Becky Sue’s morning girlfriend events should now trigger as part of the event rotation.
• Marilyn’s, Club President’s, and Janice’s rewards should now work correctly.

• Missing content to allow you to introduce Becky Sue to Sarah during Sarah’s training, when Becky Sue is a bimbo (not when she’s a girlfriend,
as she’s an exclusive girlfriend, same as Rae)
• Additional strip scene in the Club for Diamond, which provides a third way to activate sending Diamond to Tracy while training Tracy.

• Lowered submission threshold for Becky Sue to accept domestic discipline and increased opportunities to raise her submission while your girlfriend.
• Relaxed conditions on finishing the Will-Tamer transformation for Becky Sue and for transforming her into a bimbo.
• Relaxed timing on siccing the lawyer on Hannah the Principal after she sends a threatening letter.
• Rae’s girlfriend reward events no longer tied to the player’s reputation as per old Rags’ coding,
so you now get them based on the length of your relationship, making the final events reachable.
• Strike count system with Rae now provides better information about when she gets (or loses) reservations about your relationship.
• Cleaned up some dialogue for Bree, Diamond, Geri and Rae.

Artwork related:
• Upgraded Diamond’s artwork, notably for her training session, but also for her at the Club and with Fairyn scenes.
• Added some additional artwork for Bree when she’s working in the store (non-sexual scenes), plus some improvements to her date art.

Modding and core system related:
• Expandable menus can now be embedded (calling one when inside another).
• Store entrance and exit content now simplified and easier to add in mods.

WifeTrainer Wife Trainer version 0.7I3

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