Crossdressing in Camelot by Stickyicky version 0.24
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Crossdressing in Camelot by Stickyicky version 0.24

The game focuses largely on, you guessed it, crossdressing, with the inclusion of feminizing transformations as well. The main idea behind the transformation in this game is that the more the player transforms themselves, the stronger they become. The difficulty will be made to try and force you into feminizing yourself somewhat, while still making it possible to get through the game with very minimal changes if that is your goal. There is a variety of content though, and the player isn’t always forced into the submissive role (though the game leans more towards that).

First thing I want to mention for those playing, if you are loading from an old save file, either visit Elmgar or use the "Fix Clothing Sprites" option in the debug menu to refresh the items in your inventory so they will actually change your sprite in-game. You'll also want to hang onto that last save, in case this fucks anything up. And unfortunately the plugin required for these sprites is the character creator, which is incompatible with the web version, so anyone playing the game through their browser will not see any sprites changes, sorry.

Anyways, the update is around 14k words, with more dungeon 4 content with a new CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY scene, new dog park scene, and two new scenes with Katie depending on whether you win or lose when fighting her. The extra victory scene is linked to her having low dominance, and the lose scene is linked to her having high dominance, or the player losing to her several times in total. There is also a new scene at the bar with some lewd women, and a new rimjob booth scene. The changlog on tfgames has more exact details, if you are interested.

And as mentioned before, this update adds clothing sprites to half the existing clothing options. This is focused on the starting items for the most part right now, hopefully I'll have the other half finished for the next update. Oh, and I also made a change to the sex scene with Hvelda based on a recommendation from a fan of the game, so now the artwork is a bit more dynamic, with some zooming and such to take full advantage of the artwork.

The next update should actually give CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY enough room options to, you know, have the actual rooms set up. Also might have more town stuff, and should have the first go of the paperdoll system set up as well. It might be limited to showing breast, butt and penis sizes to begin with, but I think that's a good start.

Thanks for all your support!
Crossdressing in Camelot by Stickyicky version 0.24

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