Cr4ck Cracking The second Strain version 0.3.10
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Cr4ck Cracking The second Strain version 0.3.10

Porn Game
You're in control of a highly sophisticated virus capable of turning any man into a sex starved beast and any woman into a cock hungry slut within a matter of seconds. You will start of small, corrupting anything you can get your hands on but as your horde of oversexed servants grow you will move onto taking over small towns, cities, countries, continents and eventually the entire world and repopulate it with nothing but mindless slaves who can think of nothing but to fuck. The game mostly focuses on transforming other people around you against their will but does have some self transformation as well.​

New Imagery:

Added new imagery depicting the Kitchen in the Hotel in Chapter 1.
Chapter 3:

When sending out units for Raids and Scouts, the distance to the target town will be taken into consideration and dictate how long it will take until completion. The amount of time taken is dictated by the slowest unit type sent on the mission.
Added a speed variable to all infected types.
Added a new sex scene with Sarah (Dominant)
Security and Panic dropping over time is now vissible highlighted through notifications in the sidebar.
Updated the Scouting screen to use the same format as the Raid screen.
Rewards are now properly separated by commas for more clarity.

Fixed hyperagility and spores displaying as "wounded" even after healing.
Added Subscribestar link to the credits section.
Fixed a bug causing a "phantom save" to sometime appear upon starting the game.
Added clarification to the save menu noting that Chapter 3 is not supported yet.
Temporarily disabled the options menu as it wasn't working properly except in rare cases.
Updated the formating for the various save states.

Cr4ck Cracking The second Strain version 0.3.10

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