Redamz Monster Girl Island prologue version 0.44.3
16.05.2022 785 2400 mb

Redamz Monster Girl Island prologue version 0.44.3

Porn Game
Censored: None
Version: 0.44.3
OS: Windows
Language: English

It's a 3d adult game with an anime-inspired artstyle, featuring monster girls as the main focus. The gameplay is divided into "story mode" and "free roam". The story mode, as the name implies, consists in progressing through the story, getting to know the main girls and unveiling the mysteries of the island. Most of this in VN-like fashion. You can always leave the story for later and focus on doing whatever you want. Flirting with the girls, Obtaining new items, customization(eventually) and even finding new monster girls through the island. It's your call.​

Fix for black screen at the start of chapter 3. This shouldn't be an issue with current download above.
Overwrite that file in the game folder.

New stuff:
Updated Ade lewd scene
Ade story stuff
Chumumi story stuff
Outfit Shop
2 Mini Scenes (Faranne and Chumumi)
Scene Gallery (on titlescreen)
QoL and general improvements all over the place

That's it for playable stuff, but most importantly, a new system was implemented to manage the characters and scenes which will futureproof the performance of the game. Loading times and performance should cap at current values no matter how much content gets added. Village is ready to handle every girl in there now!
This puts a closure to Prologue and the first 3 chapters of the game.
Future updates will focus on chapter 4 and beyond, as well as the individual routes. I'll make a more detailed post with what's next soon, but you can expect Fuyuko, Ai, Typhon and Therona to be in the spotlight.

Scene gallery is working on VR, but that build needs a bit more testing, hopefully out tomorrow.

-Adeline Story starts in the house at the top of the hill.
-You'll get an important key item by going to sleep during Interlude.
-Once you obtain said item, the mini-scenes are in beach(day) and village(night).
-If you need money to buy clothes, Have Faranne cook your ingredients and sell them for more.
-You can talk to Adeline to start a miniquest to get more outfits in her shop.

Redamz Monster Girl Island prologue version 0.44.3

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