Nonoplayer Tentacles Thrive Alpha version 5.01a
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Nonoplayer Tentacles Thrive Alpha version 5.01a

Porn Game
The tentacles could be the protagonist's, or one of the other main characters'.

One of the main concerns of the game should be concealing the taboo against a risk of discovery.

The main characters more or less explore a vanilla relationship, possibly harem(Or reverse-tentacle-harem)?

They progress through stages of trust and experience with eachother 'unlocking' more scenes and positions.

The 'recipients' aren't mindbroken/hypnotized/coerced to like tentacles, but may be scared at first until curiosity gets the better of them.

I prefer non-VN entries, but I'm so starved for anything like this, I can't complain if that's all there is.

I can enjoy fully-text games, but I need some kinda GUI.

MUST have a sense of humor and follow community guidelines for acceptable content.

Nonoplayer Tentacles Thrive Alpha version 5.01a

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