BakezoriGames Hellscape version 0.01
14.12.2021 604 247 mb

BakezoriGames Hellscape version 0.01

Porn Game
After waking up at the Inn, if you attempt to leave the room then put on the Handmade Dress, a dialogue box reading "0" will appear at the end of the Handmade Dress scene. I expect the game is trying to trigger more dialogue, but doesn't have a proper code to trigger it, so it just returns a "0." I don't believe the error causes any additional issues, so don't worry too much if it happens. I'll look into a fix for Version 0.02.
The "Export" option on the Continue screen has been a bit buggy. One second it'll work fine, the next it won't do anything. I'll try to find a different method of exporting saves in Version 0.02.

If you use the spell "Burst I" and target a tile where there are no enemies within the spell's area of effect, the game will soft lock. The spell should work fine aside from this issue. I'll be implementing a fix in Version 0.02, but for now, if you happen to find the Tome of Burst I, make sure you only use the spell on a tile where it will actually hit an enemy.

For some reason, if Izobel is hit while performing a sex act, she won't receive critical damage. I'm not sure why this is happening (it was working fine a week ago) but I'll go back through the code and fix this for Version 0.02.

If you load a save inside the Sanctuary, the fire in the braziers will not be animated.

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