The Lewdest Journey Of Rodinka Called Squirrel version 0.02.50
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The Lewdest Journey Of Rodinka Called Squirrel version 0.02.50

Porn Game

The year is 1136. The Kingdom of Man. A small caravan of actors and traders travels to the Zalesje village. Among them is the main character – Rodinka, a young but prominent actress. Playing as Rodinka you will find yourself in a difficult situation that will quickly become even more so. You will have to get to Zalesje in spite of all obstacles and difficulties. So go ahead and start the lewdest journey right now and don’t forget that your decisions will determine your path.


- the new events have been added to the gallery;

- a black screen after the scene with the chief has been fixed;

- some names have been fixed;

- a teleport to the third episode is a bit better now;

- paizuri event images have been improved;

+ some fixes.

Bug fixes and improvements:

- a moment with the wrong Sveta's speech after the flower was taken to the chief has been fixed;

- a question to Mamti that could not have been asked to him has been fixed;

- the cheat-code system has been improved;

- the tavernkeeper's request is canceled when Fara brings wine to the heroine;

- an issue with a repeating phrase when trying to remove a nightie on the second floor of the inn has been fixed;

- the frequency of the tavernkeeper going outside has been increased;

- Rodinka are getting wet when the priest punishes her with the rods now;

- you can teleport between checkpoints in the gallery now;

- a teleport to the third episode has been added (at the beginning and with the 9781 cheat-code, a huge number of bugs are possible, be careful and let me know if you find some)

+ various minor fixes.

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