FWFS Goddess of Trampling version 1.1
10.12.2021 655 1200 mb

FWFS Goddess of Trampling version 1.1

Porn Game
Perseus demigod, men's last hope, battles the Goddesses of the Trampling to stop them from conquering heaven and earth but there is a lot of challenge awaits him. Either Perseus will defeat Hera, Queen of the Goddess or the humanity will be crushed under her feet.
Goddess of Trampling v1.1 Patch Notes:

3rd Person battle added to game.
Hard mode added for Chapter 1 Witch.
Balance changing for Chapter 1 Witch.
Stages environments are improved.
Character models qualities are improved.
Overall graphics has been slightly improved.
Game performance has slightly improved.
You can reset game by pressing 'U key' anytime.
Chapter 1Frost Witch's new skills:

[Piss] Even the Witch's piss is cold as ice.
[Fart] The Witch's fart can rot the liver but smell is heavenly.
[Scat] Anyone interested in the taste of the Witch's poop? Perseus does!
[Neck Twist] The Witch loves to break small necks like chicken bones.
[Breast Smother] The struggle under her cold breasts.
3rd Person Giantess Jeanna's new skills:

[Sword Attack]
[Sword Attack Combo]
[Heavy Kick]
[Face Stomping]

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