Sunfall Friends of mine version 1.0.8
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Sunfall Friends of mine version 1.0.8

Porn Game
You have heard from your friends father that he believes that your friend is on drugs.
He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!
- Added female variations to the various sex scenes through the town storylines with Gabby, Lady Mantis, and Zikala. (such as having sex with Matty King)
- Added female variations to the sex scenes during first jobs for the park and club dealers.
- Added female variations to the scene with Gabby in having her demonstrate the trinket for you. (For 50%+ and 75%+ femininity)
- Added female variations to the sex scenes with the two ladies in Zikala's hut.
- Adjusted the reward for helping both dealers for the first time to each include $50.
- Removed the energy cap when eating the first meal of the day. (This way you can get the full effect when eating right after waking up.)
- Reduced the cost of the gas can in the trinket storyline to $50 (from $100).
- Reduced the cost of the member card in the club storyline to $200 (from $500).
- Fixed having sex with Matty King not affecting sex total and virginity.
- Fixed the sex scene during the first club dealer job not affecting sex total and virginity.
- Fixed an incorrect clip in one of the Honorary Nurse job scenes.
- Fixed an incorrect clip during one of the shemale sex scenes when helping the club dealer.
- Fixed text issues when getting the gas can from the gas station.
- Fixed the option to go back to Onegaron from Twonton not being on the bottom of the list.

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