Taboolicious Almastriga Build 44
02.03.2022 1 042 193 mb

Taboolicious Almastriga Build 44

Porn Game
Censorship: None
Version: Build 44
OS: Windows
Language: English

Take control of big breasted mannequin as you battle dastardly evil monsters with your spear of justice through a dungeon of madness in this one stage tech demo!
(No actual overview yet since it is so early in development)​

Build v37.0



-Implementation of Buffs
---Implemented the entries for adding a buff to the characer.
---Added entries and their respective binding for the trigger inputs.
---Added entries for the Buff Logic on inventory.
---Added the logic for the defense Buff on the shield.
---Added the logic for the top menu of quick menu.
---Added the entry for the Buff assignation logic in quick menu.
---Added entry for buff damage application.
-Integration of music
Bug fixes:
-Jeff menu fixed
-Resolution adjustment of the UI
-Social buttons reactivated
-Turned on Room ID and Version ID labels
- changes related to the QuickMenu
-Added the binding for the trigger buttons.
-Turned on Valeri's quest book

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