Bubblegum Raptor Kingdom Defiled version 0.12.11
17.07.2021 523 863 mb

Bubblegum Raptor Kingdom Defiled version 0.12.11

Porn Game

Kingdom Defiled is a mix between a dating sim and a strategy game, where you need to rebuild your city and recruit an army to defeat evil. Core features include, Turn based strategic combat, sexy scenes, unit recruiting and training, resource gathering and base building. Are you going to fight for good and get the girl or turn to evil and enslave them all?

Hero changes


Stand your ground

Give all your allies immunity for 1 turns and invincibility for 1 turn

Give all your allies immunity for 2 turns and invincibility for 1 turn



When Hirana receives fatal she will vanish from the battlefield and will become invincible for 1 turn

When Hirana receives fatal she will vanish from the battlefield and will become invincible for 2 turns


Changed battle interface to show more relevant information

All skill descriptions changed to be shorter to fit the new interface
Interface changes to the town menu
Dead heroes that are animated now show the stunned animation while dead
Bug fixes

Heroes are no longer transparent after reviving

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