Indoor Minotaur Daughter of Essence version 0.116
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Indoor Minotaur Daughter of Essence version 0.116

Porn Game

In Daughter of Essence, you play as Mercy, a young woman who just wants to be free. Free from obligation, free from the oppressive watchfulness of her family, and free from the harsh laws of the empire. As one of the only living daughters of essence, however, freedom is not so simple. The Oldlight empire and the Church both want her captured, and countless other factions want her strange gifts for their own gain.

Version 0.116 - 1-10-2020

Added new dialogue to the cove
Added a new area to the cove in Ch. IX: the garden (must have recruited Marilea)
Updated the cove’s upper area in Ch. IX if the battleship was salvaged & added a big new housing complex
Added new lighting to the rear cave areas
Mercy’s Luck now increases the odds of getting better mining results
Attempted to fix a random issue where mining can cause a crash
Adjusted the dusk lighting in Emerald Flats
Revised the Hawk’s Keep Minron dialogue and concluded (it if you completed the flame cultist quest)
You can recruit Elif or Ramesh in Ch. IX, depending on your choices prior
You can recruit Ramses, Henry and Lucas in Ch. IX, depending on your choices prior
Fixed some text run-off issues
Fixed some typos

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