Syvaron Portals of Phereon version
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Syvaron Portals of Phereon version

Porn Game
Censorship: no
Platform: PC/ Windows
Language: English

Portals of Phereon (name may change) is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls, made in Unity (18+ Only!)

Most things (especially Pictures/events/Scenes/Npcs etc.) are really placeholder-ish, but most of the core features are implemented in a way so it is extremely easy to add/change stuff.

the main goal of development is to create a game with high replayability, without feeling repetitive after beating the game once.
So most things will be randomly generated and there will be a lot of different valid playstyles and ways to win the game and a lot of stuff to unlock for future plays.
(Also the starting traits will have a huge impact on how you play the game, not only stuff like 0.5% more X, etc., so that the choice actually matters)


Alternate art:

base species have some variations (mostly different hairstyles/horns etc.)
can choose for starters, otherwise spawn randomly
can see variations in gallery. can also toggle clothing in gallery

All species have an eggtype
different types have certain properties/requirements
eggtype is determined from female part in pairing
Hatchery has multiple rooms which can be set to different types/build upgrades etc.
Any character can be assigned as a hatcher in a room, increasing egg growth at cost of exhaustion.
Milk/Semen rework:

Each character has milk/semen("energy") storage/regen based on species/some traits (lower numbers like 5(+2/day) etc.)
bonus milk capacity based on titsize
Each harvest gets that amount of crafting materials (semen type based on eggtype. Milk is just one resource).
Collecting can be done from charactermenu as well
During camping any character can use stored milk as free temporary food
various changes to traits/consumables to fit.

Energy as a resource in combat
new action Service: chance target cums (equal to lust percentage)->target loses energy. You collect crafting materials based on species equal to energy lost
Fuck: both characters lose energy. chance to recruit equal to enemy lustpercentage. malus for remaining energy
Passives triggered by fucking only do so if energy was lost. (They are generally a lot stronger now)
Whenever a character loses energy but doesn't have any, they become weakened for the remaining battle.
max lust always increases after sex actions (instead of only at 50%+ lust)
Presenting: Can "Seduce" self to trigger a new action. Nearby enemies have a chance to become enticed, prioritizing fucking the presenting character before other actions.
Enemies at 100% lust or enticed will fuck nearby player characters, if they are at 50%+ or "presenting".

Economy + sexual support characters.
Usually have very high energy storage, but low regen.
Collect energy when fucked instead of losing it. (converting it into their type)
can instantly produce eggs using energy (effectively breed with self)

Can collect materials in various ways (herbs/mushrooms/semen/milk etc.)
Special materials can be earned from npc objectives (kingsquests/tavern/ranked/portalrewards)
Can collect semen during brothel shows
Materials are stored in separate inventory/list with infinite capacity (Don't need to bring them back from portals)
Creatures drop materials like scales/fur etc. based on species when defeated in combat
Characters produce daily materials like honey/poison/silk etc. when conditions are met (housing+morale)
Craft potions/items etc. with those materials (+ regular resources)
Some collectible herbs etc. are no longer items immediately but can be used in various ways
Special recipes based on maincharacters/elements/professions etc.
new fishes as materials. possible fishes change based on fishing-spot/biome/weather
many new items

Lowered aggression of enemies/increased stealth effect
Decreased enemy density in story portals
Most legendary items are stronger
entangled limits ap-gain to 1/turn. constrict now entangles
creatures with suckmana/life can convert their max hp/mana into strength/magic

new scenes. new unique character
new profession + mc trait
town npcs have a unique uninheritable special trait or passive
succubus have some new skills/passives
you now get the profession specific starting items in quickruns
tamer profession increases stat growth of creatures, instead of a one-time bonus when caught

Syvaron Portals of Phereon version

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