Leopold Visette Valor And Glory version 0.1.11
13.12.2021 547 75 mb

Leopold Visette Valor And Glory version 0.1.11

Porn Game
Game version 0.1.11
New features:
- The city of Wetlock has been added. It's rather barebone currently.
- You can travel to Wetlock by speaking to the gate guard at the outer walls.
- Added a new enemy in Wetlock: the drunken oaf. Hasn't got a sex scene yet but comes with its sprite and animation
- Added a sprite for the moohmin enemy. Has its idle animation.
- Added that you can now ask Moira, Smiggins or Ealin for advice on the main quest, and they'll point you towards Wetlock.
- Added a new F/F + voyour scene. Speak with Sal around 10pm-11pm. Have to have met Moira beforehand.
- Added two new craftable items in the armor category: Venture boots & the Horned leaf cap.

- Fixed a bug where equipment tooltips wouldn't be shown in inventory.
- Fixed an issue where the menu bar wouldn't update when equipping gear.

- This took quite a bit longer than planned, but these past months have sadly been rather busy in terms of work.
- The backdrop when fighting in Wetlock will be dungeon one until time comes around for me to draw a new one.

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13.12.2021 add version 0.1.11

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