Aviary My Demon Friend version 0.18
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Aviary My Demon Friend version 0.18

You are Remi Maldonado, a regular person in the suburbs of Aredale. You aren't particularly bullied nor unpopular, but your life hasn't been exactly smooth sailing.

At age 9, you lost both your mother and father in a car crash and were placed in an orphanage. You spent the next four years grieving for your parents before you were adopted by another family who were tragically killed in another car accident as you drove home together from the orphanage.

Surprisingly you were left unscathed both times, almost as if you had a guardian angel watching over you.
After suffering two freak accidents, you finally found a home. Now, five years later, on the anniversary of your parent's death who knows what could happen?
Version v0.18



Added location "Adam's Office"
Added character "Lucy"
Added character "Jenna"
Fixed various bugs and grammar issues.

Added six events to Adam's storyline (Female MC)
Added eight events to Emma's storyline. (Male MC)

Aviary My Demon Friend version 0.18

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