ugre101 The Essence of Gender version 0.200
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ugre101 The Essence of Gender version 0.200

Porn Game
The game is a 3D sandbox game, quite bare on content atm.
Will add rest as they build & upload.
0.2 Dorm improvements, voresystem expanded and Island stone

First update after the holidays and it feels as I haven't gotten into the rhythm yet, if I have messed up something tell me.


Added the dungeon it doesn't do much for now as you can only really send people to it and they don't even show in it yet, but I have gotten a lot of backend/code stuff in it done. So I believe there should be much trouble making the followers you send there so be present in future updates. For now it only makes the people you send there passive gain submission, but I have plans to expand and add features to it in future updates.

Follower titles have been worked on but I have nothing to show for now as I have spent my time working on the relationship system's backend, but I can assure progress has been made. I mainly need to figure how/when affection should be gained.

I have changed how the GUI for minor dorm building works, so now when entering the circle of kitchen or gym the GUI doesn't cover the entire screen and the game doesn't pause your game but your character will stop moving when entering a building circle and when you start to move again and exit the circle the GUI will disappear.


Organ morph perk, it still need more work but the basics functions of it works now, it doesn't work as other "digestion modes" as you start it during sex, can't be changed or stopped and max one prey at a time. And it's absorption speed is dependent on the size difference between your organ and your prey's mass and of course how much your organ growths is also dependent on said difference. I really need to start working on a in game help menu where I can post said math function for people that want to know.

In the process of added the new perk I had to improve a lot of the code for the vore system also I have started to move away from Enum's and towards so called magic strings as they seem to be better suited for expandability. While most the work can't be interacted with as a player at the moment there is some small improvements you might notice.



A Island stone to the village island where you can use your body stats to boost said stat of all enemies on the island, in the future there will be special quest to take to decrease a Body stat for all enemies.
Sliders in game options to change mouse sensitivity of first & third person camera.
Option to rename gender titels in game options menu.

Baked a lot of shadows in sub scenes(Inn, cave ,etc...) to improve performance.
I believe there is more that I have done but as I didn't get it done before Christmas as I had hoped I have forgotten a lot of what I actually have done...

ugre101 The Essence of Gender version 0.200

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08.01.2022 add version 0.200

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