Ammeria Fantasy by Keygain version 1.1.6
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Ammeria Fantasy by Keygain version 1.1.6

Porn Game
our just a normal guy, You wake up on a normal Saturday on a normal summer morning Nothing can go wrong right?

This game is set in the dystopian future where you grow up in a family where your dad passed away recently.

Your family has secrets that they never told you, You can choose to discover who they are or not.

(Choosing to not interact with Kathie or Annie is an option, You can progress without it, (The alternate path is still been developed)

Trying to live a normal life, You are forced into a new world where you are transformed. What you transform into, You decide how far you want to go.
A backlog of Patch Notes will be posted on the Discord

(Updated: UTC 13:30 02/01/2022)

Patch Notes

I have yet "again" changed the way equipment affects Femininity to fit properly with the random stats.
(Stats will be random 1-10+ to make it so the player has to now check what they are wearing)
(Only Armour and Weapons will be Affected)
I have changed how Depravity and Resistance affect the player.
The player should now be directed to speak to Bessy when they have closed Cameinem Cave.
When they Teleport in (I hope this works) and when they enter through the main door.
Added a new area... Lamber's Cove.
Added some quests linked to Lamber's Cove

When you die and wake up in another world, After the tragic accident, You are bound to a world of Magic.

Ammeria Fantasy by Keygain version 1.1.6

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