SythmanG Seeds Of Monsters Aveking version 0.1.0
14.12.2021 372 561 mb

SythmanG Seeds Of Monsters Aveking version 0.1.0

Porn Game
Food triggered evolution will now teleporting you back to the city (migth cahnge it back in the future).
event (specific zone) evolutions require now level 5
Death screen event will now show and special "De-volution" animation on Evolved Girls
new tameable girl Talina
new tameable girl Talia
new tameable girl Sali
new tameable girl Saskia
new tameable girl Rika
new tameable girl Kalai (water cave only)
new evolution Ivy -> Redava
new girl for the city! Blitzawa! time to get some electricity?
new girl for the city! Redava Food trader
evolution event for Talina's evolution Virlina
evolution event for Nina evolution Supravii
evolution event for Mia -> Aquata
new girl Aquata,Virlina, Supravii)
HP indicators on ENEMIES!!!
5 new Zone s and Zone Types (Beach, Watercave, Tropical Forest, High Grass Zone, Tropical Cave)
all evolutions will now add +5 to Max Level (only once) death reduce Max Level by 5 again
interacting with Girls in the Monster stable will now show the girl's current level.
many new sprite skins for player char to unlock
added many secred caves and hidden zones
added new secred zones the forest
many new Gems and weapons
updated the art of ALL currently available monster girls.
many new graphics for the new zone (trees stones....)
new icons
new audio
new food types
new buffs
(wip) Battle can now be triggered when an Wild Monster touches a following girl. (by randoml stroling girls)
increased the range to display "Enemy level tag"
increased walking speed of player a tiny bit (4.2 to 4.5) *4.0 is the basic rpgmaker speed*
New balloon icons (for dying)
some one time only events to boost girls stats (digging for treasures)
remade the intro. this is still an work in progress...
Items that can cause an evolution have now an "Evolution Item" tag
Actor Sprite Skin can now be changed by using "Costume items (under unique items), you have to interact with the Chest in the play home to get the items first.
many new skills and Buff/Debuff
new skill animations and sounds
learn able "Zone Skills" just like Swimming, Fly, Burn Plants, Destro Rocks....

buffed all "Finisher" (% skills). they are now much stronger!
slightly reduced lifetime
buffed and debuffed all learn-able Skills Balance

can now enter Hyuna's cave with any monster in your team (after Hyuna's Quest is finished)
fixe Ivy to Stone Ivy Evolution (will no longer teleport you back to the main city)
Affection Quest will now show the required Affection (insteat of Girl's name)
Fixed: Ice Dipna, Stone Ivy, Firey Hyuna. Can now learn stance skills again.
fixed Monsters did not appear correctly in your team after evolving
fixed ice dipna sprite (red thing display)
fixed headbutt (does now apply "Stun ~60%")
fixed mia's bust picture
fixed a broken teleport event (will make you stuck...)
fixed food buffs (buffed techniques instead of knowledge)

SythmanG Seeds Of Monsters Aveking version 0.1.0

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