David Timeless Pantheon version 0.4.0
22.05.2021 513 290 mb

David Timeless Pantheon version 0.4.0

Porn Game
A slow transformation of the main character game inspired by Magical Girl Camp, Little Bitch Academia, and most notably, Afterlife.

Note: There are a number of missible secrets in this game. The spoiler minimal walkthrough on the walkthrough tab is recommended if you're the type that hates missing out on secrets and doesn't want to do a second playthrough.

Despite the newly bumped X rating, the game focuses more on story and gameplay than sexy times. Explicit scenes do exist, but almost all near the end of what it likely a 20+ hour game. Those scenes are explicit writing only and do not have images. There is an option that PG-13ify all those scenes that can be turned off/on at any time in the configs, but given the mature nature of the game, I'd still call it R rated even with that setting on.

There are about 280k words of content. Much less will be seen in any given playthrough due to dialogue choices and other branching options.

The transformation tags are only the main transformations the story focus on. Many others exist in some form or another.


More than 100k new words added to complete the story. Biggest update yet and it's not even close.
A new Easy Mode option in the menu (off by default) that makes fights and some challenges quicker/easier. This can be swapped back and forth in the game and there's never any penalty for having it on.
Many new fights with more interesting mechanics. I felt more free to design them a bit more challenging thanks to the new easy mode for those who don't want that.
A new PG-13 option in the menu (off by default) that will strip down explicit scenes to be PG-13 equivalent (but the overall game is likely still R even with that option on.)
New transformations for the MC.
Commissioned facesets for the MC and Gedmern (Grosh was technically added in a late patch of 0.3, so it may be new to early players.) All can be individually reverted to the old version from the menu. You can switch back and forth at will.
Commissione mirror art.
Exactly two scenes, one in old content and one in new have commissioned art, but don't expect a lot on that front.
There is now an option in the menu that lets you equip players not currently in your party (it's not the standard equip option for technical reasons.)
Many new skills and items to learn/collect.
Skill descriptions have been redone from flavor text to useful details on what the skills do.
Some rebalancing of skills/characters more details may be posted later.
Some skills have been made more visually appealing in combat. (Not comprehensive and nothing too crazy.)
For those starting new games, the main story now has quests to guide you right from the start, instead of only beginning with 0.3's content.
Many bug fixes/typos/minor improvements made to existing content. Examples: The slow default movement pace used in early content events has mostly been sped up to match the standard of newer content. Also, for those speeding through content with page down, you're much less likely to hit soft locks.

David Timeless Pantheon version 0.4.0

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